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Presently, while everyone is talking about global warming, it is very important to take necessary measures to save our environment. Looking at the current scenario, the governments of many countries and the NGOs have started making great efforts to make the world a better place to live. The process of green building involves construction of houses, public places and offices that do not disturb the ecological balance in anyway. The process is already under execution in most of the metropolitan cities across the globe.


Green buildings have highly effective windows, which are designed to absorb access heat. Moreover, these buildings also have insulation in floors, walls and ceilings. The windows are positioned in such a way that they directly face the sun. As a result, the rooms do not require high electric lighting during the evening.

Wind power too contributes greatly towards keeping the environment safe and clean. In this process, one needs to fit turbines on the roofs of house. These turbines collect wind energy that is responsible for running various devices. One can also store this energy in a battery to use it later.

Another great way of maintaining an ecological balance is by using solar panels. These panels harness solar energy even when the sky is too cloudy. As a substitute for fossil fuels, solar energy is responsible for producing a good amount of electricity, which is enough to run all your home appliances. However, use of solar panels is not just restricted to domestic purposes. Even organizations around the world are adopting this amazing technique to save on energy. Thus, this green building technique is extremely popular all over the world.

Numerous techniques allow you to recycle water. Moreover, various non-profitable organizations are making provisions to collect rainwater with the intention to eradicate water scarcity completely.

Installing compost bins is another great green building technique, which is presently very popular among the people, who own a garden or an equivalent green space. These bins are best for aerobic decomposition and are hugely responsible for keeping your garden clean and tidy.

Various business organizations apart from adopting the green building techniques are making great efforts to compel others in doing the same. It is very important to take necessary measures before it is too late or else, the day is not too far when all the trees and forests on the planet will completely vanish making our environment unfavorable to live in.



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