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How to choose the correct lighting

Interior light fixtures not only provide lighting for the whole house, but they also set the tone. Whether
you want a soft ambiance for a romantic dinner, a bright bedside table lamp for adequate reading,
having the proper light fixtures is essential and you should choose them carefully. Below are some tips
on how to get the right fixture for each room.

The foyer is the very first thing people see in your house. Whether you choose an elegant chandelier, or
a modern light, this should provide adequate illumination to give off a welcoming feeling. Remember to
make your fixture proportionate to the size of the space its lighting.

Stairs and hallways can be hazardous so make sure that there is plenty of light to show any objects that
may be lying around. For general safety you should place lights about every eight or ten feet.

Next is the dining room. Setting the perfect mood for whatever family gatherings or romantic dinners
you’re having is important and most people choose to have adjustable lights for this. For the center
of your dining room use a chandelier or pendant as your main light source, then you can accent the
chandelier and table by additional fixtures placed around the room.

Living rooms can be light up by a wide variety of fixtures. Whether you prefer standing lamps that also
add to the decoration, or if you desire a more concealed fixture such as a recessed light, it all depends
on your preferences.

As one of the busiest places in the house, the kitchen is also a workspace that requires ample lighting.
Most kitchens are outfitted with a fluorescent fixture in the center, but you can also add under the
counter lighting and additional lights in the cupboards.

Finally there is the bathroom. For most, there is only one light above the sink and mirror. This may be
fine for small bathrooms, but if you’re looking to light up a larger bathroom, try adding several accent
lights throughout. Soft lights around the bathtub can provide a relaxing mood after a stressful day.

Choosing the right lighting is vital. Not only can you use lights as additional decoration, but they can
accent other features as well. The key thing is to make sure that your light fixtures flow with the room
and are not out of proportion.

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