A Few Words About Roofing Contractors:

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Having a new roof put on your house is a big deal. If it is done improperly there are millions of things that can go wrong,
including extensive damage on your home. That’s why it is best to hire a professional to take care of the job. When it
comes to hiring a roofing contractor this can be a difficult and sometimes scary experience, especially if it’s your first
time. There are always those horror stories about how contractors just leave a job or something going horribly wrong, so
you should make sure to hire someone who is dependable and has plenty of previous experience.

When you are meeting with a contractor you should remember that you are paying him. This means that you are the boss
and essentially you are hiring him for his services, so treat this like an interview and ask as many questions as you can
until you feel comfortable about the person. Some key points to ask them are about: customer references, customer
complaints, payment upon completion or before the project begins, manufacturer warranties, re-roofing permits,
sub-contractors, and damage liability during project. There are hundreds more questions you can ask your potential
contractor and if they do not give you satisfactory answers then you should continue looking for other candidates.

On top of asking extensive questions you need to keep several other things in mind to protect yourself and your finances.
First, never pay in full before the job has been completed. Paying ahead of time can easily get you scammed and you will
not only be left with an incomplete roof, but a loss of money and a possible lawsuit on your hands. Second, never have an
oral agreement. Each and every point of the job should be laid out in writing and agreed upon. A formal document should
be signed by both parties before the job begins. Lastly, this is something most people forget but you need to agree on
who is going to be taking care of all of the trash and spare materials when the job is completed. If this is not agreed on
then you could end up spending hours picking up a very large mess.


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